Types of Grinding

Types of Grinding

We make adjustments to the surfaces on an individual basis. You have a direct say in the design of your surfaces and the grinding techniques used. One of INOX’s own developments is grinding out an inlay, logo, lettering , or any other contour. This grinding is a nice aesthetic touch and makes for a unique appearance.

Design finishes

Inox has a big selection on diverse designer finishes. By different grinding direction, we produce noble appearances on metallic surfaces.

Individual decor surfaces

We grind your individual design on the product of your choice. For the development we need a vector file, a picture or a sketch.

Cross grindings

By grinding of two grindings which 90° are offset, the cross grinding will be created. In combination with different roughness different designs arise.

Rotation grindings

At this grind there is no defined direction of the grain, in which the surface seems to be chaotic but also elegant. The lenghts and roughness grinding line resembles a hair - hence the name Angel- Hair.

Combined grindings

By combining different grinding - processes ornaments and patterns can be produced. They remenber at a printing but it is mechanical grinding.

Hairline grindings

The Hairline grinding has the characteristic that the grind not torns away, but as a continous linear structure remains recog - nizable. This grinding appears strongly and is good visible from a distance.

Directed finishes

A special unique selling point from Inox Schleiftechnik is that we can grind the sheets requested by the customer specification whether along crosswise or diagonally everything  is possible by sort of grinding.

Standard surface processing

Standard grinding encompasses a wide spectrum in different roughness. Finer surfaces are micro finishings or brushed surfaces - coarser surfaces will be grinded.