Staircase construction

Our surfaces meet the highest expectations

Modern stairways are a visual eye catcher and are being considered more and more as a design object. Stairways can be compared to modern furniture, since they are often open and quickly catch your eye. Regardless of whether in a private home or a public building stairways are something special. Hand railings, rods, stairs directly attached to the wall, stair trims, and narrow forms characterize modern stairways. INOX Schleiftechnik enables the construction of your stairways as a wood/stainless steel combination or as a pure stainless steel element.
We want to support you in enhancing your stairways with very particular design surfaces. INOX Schleiftechnik is specialised in stainless steel and aluminium surfaces which we process with a wide array of special techniques. Simply create something very unique!

Our product range

  • Grinding of frames, stairs, handrail posts, glass fittings, hand railing fittings, stairway trims, borderings
  • Hand railing fillings, perforated metal plates and other fillings
  • Free choice of grinding orientation
  • More than 1,000 grinding designs in stainless steel and aluminium surfaces for “that special something“
  • Inlay grindings on hand railings or filling rods
  • Ground customized logos or lettering on hand railings or stairs
  • Individual customised solutions

Challenge us!

Please let us know if you cannot find offers or products that you need for the construction of your stairway. We are up for any challenge.