Company signs and certificates

Provide your company sign with a finishing touch

Do you need high-quality certificates and impressive company signs? We produce premium certificates and signs in stainless steel and aluminium. For these, processed metal surfaces are produced and then custom etched with your letterings, logos, emblems or quotes according to your individual needs.
This surface processing technique creates a visually changing effect, which provides the products with a special premium feel and look.

Our product range

  • Certificates for jubilees, anniversaries, festivities, as presents, or for championships and competitions
  • Club signs with logos, information or control system signs
  • Signs with invidual letterings, quotes, or artwork
  • Items made of stainless steel and aluminium with personal engravings, intitials, names, dates of anniversaries, projects


We have already executed a lot of signs, certificates, and control system signs and could convince our customers of the high quality of our design grindings and surfaces many times.

Challenge us!

We constantly accept new challenges in terms of premium surface processing techniques and are open for new product ideas and objects to be processed. Please let us know if you could not find something. We are up for any challenge.