If the surface counts
If quality can be felt

We are

a professional service provider in the field of grinding, brushing, polishing and foiling. Our self-developed grinding techniques make our customers stand out from the competition.

As specialists in the refinement of metal surfaces, we offer the utmost care with maximum flexibility. Therefore, we also offer individual solutions in small and large quantities at short term.

Innovation in mass production

Automobile manufacturers are increasingly focusing on high-quality materials and individual designs in order to claim in the market.

As a long-term partner, we create surfaces of a special kind. We produce high-quality design surfaces for the interior made of aluminum that give your product the perfect look and feel.

We develop with you an individual and unique touch for your mass production, your individual small series, exclusive pieces or visions.

You have an idea, we have the solution!

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Precise and fast

We work for you as a service provider, deliver on short notice, are fast and precise in our manufacturing processes and ready for any special challenge.

Valuue added service

As we understand ourselves as a service provider we can supply complete components for further processing or ready for sale.


Facades determine the appearance of a building and set accents in modern architecture. We gladly support you.


Are you looking out for, planning or about to placing an order and you have questions? We are personally at your service!

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Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Blaschke


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